Executive Team

TASER brings a wealth of management talent and experience to its leadership team

Rick Smith CEO and Cofounder

As CEO, Rick leads the company with a constant focus on delivering innovative solutions that make communities safer. Rick’s quest to create technology solutions to reduce world violence began in 1993 when he founded TASER with his brother Tom. Since then, TASER CEWs are now in more than 16,000 law enforcement agencies in more than 40 countries.

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Doug Klint President and General Counsel

Doug Klint serves as TASER’s President and General Counsel and has been with the Company since December, 2002. Doug oversees TASER’s Weapons Group including Operations, Research & Development, Medical & Technical Services, and Government & Public Affairs. As General Counsel, he oversees TASER’s robust legal department, managing risk management, litigation, corporate governance, securities compliance, intellectual property, employment law, and patent law.

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Dan Behrendt Chief Financial Officer

Dan Behrendt serves as TASER’s Chief Financial Officer. He oversees all aspects of corporate finance, information technology, HR, and investor relations.

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Marcus W. L. Womack General Manager of EVIDENCE.com

Marcus Womack serves as EVIDENCE.com’s General Manager. He oversees all aspects of TASER’s public safety software business.

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Luke Larson Chief Marketing Officer

Luke Larson serves as TASER’s Chief Marketing Officer. He is responsible for all domestic and international marketing and communications, and also oversees TASER’s Leadership Development Program. Luke joined TASER in June 2008 and has served in a variety of management roles including director of video products, product manager, product development manager and senior associate.

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