TASER Assurance Plan

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Protection for the present while planning for the future


The TASER Assurance Plan (TAP) is a new service program that integrates warranty coverage for your current CEWs with an upgraded handle every five years, as well as on-site spares so officers experience zero downtime.

Extend Your Coverage with TAP

*Customer may choose any model within the same weapon class

Available for the Following Products

Upgrade Certainty

After the 5th TAP payment, agencies will be guaranteed a new CEW handle.

  • Automatic upgrade to Smart CEW 
  • Price lock assurance - secure 2014 prices until 2019
  • Predictable, affordable upgrade plan ensures all of your CEWs are within the recommended useful life

One Stop for Service and Support

Only the TASER Assurance Plan gives you the service you need today and the protection you want tomorrow. Not only does TAP secure you today’s price, it also guarantees a superior level of personal support for your CEWs and your agency for the next five years. Other benefits include:

  • Receive a new Smart CEW after your fifth payment
  • Predictable, staged payments versus large purchases every few years
  • Onsite spare inventory replenished by mail-in replacement

Full Hardware Coverage

TAP provides “no questions asked” repair coverage for CEW handles. That means that no matter what happens to your CEW, you can rest easy – we’ll take care of it for you.

Software Support Included


Whether you are an armorer or patrol officer, you’ll have access to prompt and personalized direct support from TASER experts on a wide range of topics, including:


  • EVIDENCE Sync utilization
  • EVIDENCE.com operation
  • “How to” software inquiries

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