TASER Assurance Plan

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Protection for the present while planning for the future

The TASER Assurance Plan (TAP) is a service program that integrates warranty coverage for your current CEWs with an upgraded handle every five years, as well as on-site spares so officers experience zero downtime.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase new smart weapons
  2. Enroll in TAP and make 5 equal payments beginning at Year 1 (2015)
  3. At the end of Year 5 (2020), upgrade to all-new CEWs free
  4. Re-enroll in TAP to lock in 2020 prices, or opt out then
We’ve made it as simple as possible so that you have comprehensive service and budget predictability. Full benefits include:
  • Guaranteed upgrades: New in-class CEWs after 5 years
  • Budget certainty: Predictable, staged payments vs. large purchases every few years
  • Price lock savings: Secure 2015 prices until 2020
  • On-site spare CEWs*: Zero downtime when repairs or service are needed
  • Full warranty: Coverage throughout the 5-year term
  • Comprehensive support: Prompt customer service and support for EVIDENCE.com Lite use
*On-site spare CEWs available for purchases of 33 or more devices only

Extend Your Coverage with TAP

*Customer may choose any model within the same weapon class

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