Designed by law enforcement for law enforcement - The two-shot TASER X2 incorporates agencies most requested capabilities. A piece of Law enforcement equipment that's feature rich, simple to use and similar in size to the TASER X26P.



What makes a TASER Smart Weapon

All Digital Platform | Charge Metering | Trilogy Log


  • Dual LASERs improve accuracy and help take the guesswork out of aiming
  • Improved power magazine provides for up to 500 firings
  • IPX2 rated weatherproofing to better resist rain and humidity
  • Self diagnostics tells you if the device is healthy or has a problem


  • Back up shot capability for multiple targets or miss recovery with x-connect technology
  • Warning Arc while loaded prevents conflict from escalating
  • Current Metering measures and accurately delivers the precise amount of current to maximize both safety and effectiveness


  • More than 6 years in research & development
  • 3000+ hours of testing and validation
  • 1500+ customer surveys collected making the TASER X2 the most customer driven device in TASER history

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The Pulse Calibration System constantly optimizes the device to deliver the precise amount of electric charge needed to cause optimal incapacitation while enhancing safety. This continuous monitoring and adjustment of electrical output yields a Precision Shaped Pulse that provides more consistent effects on the target and a margin of safety up to 40% greater than previous CEW technology.


Wake Forest University Study

In 1,201 cases 99.75% people subjected to a TASER CEW had no significant injuries


Extensively Studied

Currently there are more than 250 major medical and scientific studies, abstracts, and reports on TASER CEW Safety

TASER CEWs Reduce Suspect Injuries

TASER CEWs Reduce Officer Injuries

Additional Resources:

Want to learn more about the safety of TASER Conducted Electrical Weapons? Visit our Research & Safety section to learn the truth about TASER devices.

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Backup shot




Smart Cartridge


Precision Shaped Pulse


Trilogy Logs


Rotational Pulse Drive


Arc Display /
Independent Fire Control


Real-time clock

Real battery
consumption measurement


Water resistant (IPX2)


Advanced self
diagnostic capability


Tactical Accessory Interface


Firmware update
over the internet


Increased battery life




Physical Characteristics
Dimensions w/o PPM (L x W x H) 7.8″ [19.8 cm] x 1.7″ [4.3 cm] x 3.8″ [9.6 cm]
Weight 1 lbs [454 g (grams)] (w/PPM and 2 cartridges)
0.6 lbs [272 g] (w/o PPM and cartridges)
Dimensions w/ PPM (L x W x H) 7.8″ [19.8 cm] x 1.7″ [4.3 cm] x 4.2″ [10.7 cm]
Detailed Specifications
Housing High impact polymer
Operating temperature range -4 °F [-20 °C] to 122 °F [50 °C]
Storage temperature range –4 °F [–20 °C] to 122 °F [50 °C]
Operating relative humidity up to 80% (non-condensing)
Estimated useful life Approximately 5 years
Available Options*
SKU Numbers Description
22002 Black w/Class III LASER (Handle Only)
22003 Yellow w/Class III LASER (Handle Only)
22000 Black w/Class II LASER (Handle Only)
22001 Yellow w/Class II LASER (Handle Only)

Product Warranty

TASER Product Warranty - LE TASER Product Warranty - LE Non US

*Options shown are only a subset of available packages and options. Please call or contact TASER International for full options, accessories, and pricing.

TASER CEW Features Comparison

X26 X26P X2
EVIDENCE.com Enabled
Sleep Mode
Battery Indication
Download Kit
Advance CID
Audible Warning (APPM)
Internet Updateable
Extended Battery
Self Diagnostics
Trilogy Logs
Current Metering
Backup Shot
Warning Arc
Semi Mode
Static Resistant Cartridges
Rotational Pulse

X2 Videos

TASER X2 CEW Introduction
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TASER X2 Journey
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Interested in purchasing
the TASER X2?
How to Buy

Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement
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