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TASER Smart Weapons

Everything you love about the original TASER X26™... only better! Produced with superior quality and reliability in mind - the single-shot TASER X26P™ is a familiar piece of law enforcement equipment that’s been improved inside and out. These enhanced options and functional capabilities provide a wide variety of benefits to users.


The Smart CEW
Features enhanced safety and performance with superior quality and reliability.

“Ultra” Compact Size
Small, lightweight and designed for everyday carry.

The TASER Experience
World-class customer service, support, quality and training.


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Implementing New Technology


X26 (Analog)

  • Gas Tube Spark Gap
  • Fixed Discharge Energy

X26P, X2 (All Digital)

  • Solid State Arc Controller
  • Measures & Adjusts Output

Compact Design




At 4.08 inches high and 7.55 inches long the X26P is nearly identical in size to the original X26. This compact design allows it to weigh less than .63 lbs.

Extended Battery


300 more firings than the original X26.



Provides an audible alert at 3 seconds and shuts off at 5 seconds. Operator must retrigger to initiate current.

Consistent with Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) Recommendations

Trilogy Logs


Event Logs

Records every user action (safety activation, trigger event duration with times,dates and battery life)

Engineering Data

Output Data, Self Test & Calibration Data Forensics

Pulse Log

Pulse by pulse record of charge output

Universal Smart Platform

Feature integration with TASER X2

Performance Power Magazines
Data Download



TASER CAM Video Comparison


HD 720P Color Video

Improved Audio

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Compact Size

Self Diagnostics

Weather Resistant

Charge Metering


Audible Warning (APPM)

Internet Updateable

Trilogy Logs


Ambidextrous Safety Switch

Advanced CID

EVIDENCE.com Enabled

Battery Indication

Sleep Mode


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TASER CEW Features Comparison

  X26 X26P X2
EVIDENCE.com Enabled      
Sleep Mode      
Battery Indication      
Download Kit      
Advance CID    
Audible Warning (APPM)  
Internet Updateable  
Extended Battery  
Self Diagnostics  
Trilogy Logs  
Charge Metering  
Dual LASERs    
Backup Shot    
Warning Arc    
Semi Mode    
Static Resistant Cartridges    
Rotational Pulse    


Physical Characteristics

Dimensions w/o Cartridge (L x H x W) 6.25" [15.9 cm] x 4.08" [10.4 cm] x 1.72" [4.4 cm]
Dimensions Cartridge Length (L2) 7.55" [19.2 cm]
Weight 0.62 lbs [281 g (grams)] (w/PPM)
0.47 lbs [213 g] (w/o PPM and cartridge)

Detailed Specifications

Output Specifications Waveform: Precision Shaped Pulse™ technology
Pulse rate: 19 pulses per second (pps) typical.
Operating and storage temperature range: -4 °F [-20 °C] to 122 °F [50 °C]
Operating relative humidity up to 80% (non-condensing)
Estimated useful life Approximately 5 years


High efficiency flashlight.
LASER: Red 650 nanometers (nm), class IIIa. Class II laser available.
Capable of drive-stun with either a deployed TASER cartridge, or without a TASER cartridge installed.
Central Information Display (CID): Displays data such as remaining energy, burst time, and notifications.
Onboard self-diagnostic and system status monitoring and reporting.
The Trilogy™ log system records information from a variety of sensors into three data logs: Event log, Pulse log, and Engineering log. Data can be downloaded using a universal serial bus (USB) data interface module connected to a personal computer (PC). Data may be transferred to EVIDENCE.com services.
Real-time clock with back-up battery.
Capable of audio/video recording with optional TASER® CAM™ HD recorder.
Ambidextrous safety switch.


Power source: non-rechargeable lithium performance power magazine (PPM), tactical performance power magazine (TPPM), or automatic shut-off performance power magazine (APPM) battery pack provides energy for approximately 500 5-second discharges.(5)
Trigger: The trigger activates a single cycle (approximately 5 seconds). When used with the PPM, holding the trigger down will continue the discharge beyond the standard cycle. The cycle can be stopped by placing the safety switch in the down (SAFE) position.
Housing: High impact polymer construction.
Waterproof: Water resistant to IEC specification IPX2. (6)
Cartridges: Compatible with TASER standard series cartridges.

TASER X26P Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW) Models

Model Model No. Color
TASER X26P (law enforcement) 11002 Black
TASER X26P (law enforcement) 11003 Yellow
  1. Additional items available. Please contact a TASER sales and customer service representative for more information.
  2. See the full specification sheet for further details.

*Options shown are only a subset of available packages and options. Please call or contact TASER International for full options, accessories, and pricing.

Product Warranty

TASER Product Warranty - LE
TASER Product Warranty - LE Non US

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