Military - A Decisive Endstate

For Situations of Uncertainty

Defense Programs

If you have a need or adaptation that our current product offering doesn’t address, TASER International has a world class engineering capability that can be applied to your specific requirement.

TASER International provides expertise in the design, development, integration and manufacturing of specialized electromechanical systems and supporting software focused on our core technologies of Conducted Electrical Weapons (CEWs) and wearable AV capture. The TASER Defense Programs engineering group is located at our headquarters in Scottsdale Arizona were we maintain electrical and mechanical development labs, along with prototyping and pilot capabilities.

Utilizing advanced development, analysis, and testing tools and capabilities available on site or via approved vendors, the Defense Programs group can provide cutting edge engineering and development to meet the most demanding customers.

The Defense Programs group is structured to support Department of Defense contracting requirements and is standing ready to support your mission.

If you have a project that could utilize TASER proven technologies contact us.


TASER International Provides Escalation-of-Force and Engagement Capture Solutions to Satisfy Established Operational Requirements

Escalation of Force

TASER is internationally recognized for the family of military equipment including Human Electro-Muscular Incapacitation (HEMI) devices that are revolutionizing 21st century war fighting. These military solutions address documented requirements for Incapacitate Individual (Open Single, Confined Single, Open Many), and Deny Access Into/Out of an Area to individuals (Open, Single/Few/Many). TASER HEMI devices can be utilized to enable first action and freedom of movement. This provides operators with the assurance to maintain operational momentum despite engagements with individuals of unknown or uncertain intent while minimizing unintended consequences of taking action.


TASER International is a leading provider of event video capture and management in law enforcement. The tools used by police officers to record, stream, and manage engagement histories can be used by tactical operators to record, stream, and manage engagements while on mission. This capability provides visual documentation of engagements, real-time situational awareness of team member perspectives, and improved information for AARs or future mission planning.

Operational Utility

“The People Are the Prize”

For situations of uncertainty in tactical combat operations where the warfighter is confronted by a suspicious character or a potential hostile (but intent is not clear), Neuro Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) is a 21st century technology that enables the warfighter to take first action, maintain offensive momentum, be directive in his actions (rather than reactive), and drive on to mission accomplishment. With renewed emphasis on the need to minimize casualties and collateral damage, TASERs military equipment solutions are the ideal tool to achieve the end state of incapacitation of the target without the unintended consequence of loss of life. To this end, the perceived threat is removed without unnecessary killing. Additionally with the subject alive, he / she now can be questioned for information.

Within the Close Quarter Battle Space, room clearing, street patrolling, checkpoints, facility guard posts TASER International offers 2 solutions, a hand-held TASER Conducted Electrical Weapon (that can be affixed to the Picatinny rail system of an M4 or M16 rifle), as well as, Extended Range Electronic Projectiles designed for pump-action shotguns.