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The TASER X26C Conducted Electrical Weapon(CEW), is based on our law enforcement-grade TASER X26 personal defense products, and gives you the same unprecedented take-down power trusted by thousands of police officers every day.

In a more compact form factor than our Advanced TASER M26C CEW, the X26C is designed to be comfortable to carry and easy to use for personal defense. When you flip the safety into the armed position, the device is ready to deliver an incapacitating pulse that is designed to override the sensory and motor functions of the nervous system. This powerful Neuro Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) technology has been effective against even the most aggressive individuals, including those under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

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TASER CEWs use replaceable cartridges containing inert, compressed nitrogen to fire two small probes that are attached to 15 foot (4.5 meter) insulated conductive wires. Energy is sent over the wires into the probes, which can penetrate up to two cumulative inches of clothing giving you a personal defense product you can count on. The charge is transmitted between the two probes and is designed to jam the sensory and motor functions to inhibit muscular control. This NMI effect continues in 10 second cycles each time you press the trigger. The X26C CEWs can also be used in direct contact stun mode.


TASER CEWs are the only personal defense products that allow you to take control of your personal safety with the ability to incapacitate aggressive, dangerous people.



Safer and more effective than other personal defense options, such as sprays or direct contact stuns, which require potentially dangerous chemicals or close range to an attacker and often prove to be ineffective on individuals under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.


Keeps You Safe at a Distance

Unlike other personal defense products which require you to be close to the target, TASER CEWs are effective at a range of up to 15 feet, which keeps you out of harm's way.


Easy To Use

The TASER X26C has been designed for easy use during high stress deployment situations. Combining a LASER sight and LED light with a quick flip safety, the X26C allows you to respond quickly and effectively to a threat.


Police Proven

The TASER X26C is based on the same design used by law enforcement worldwide. It's designed to be compact and easy to carry and to give a 10 second cycle of incapacitation that gives you time to get in control of a threatening situation and get to safety


TASER Customer Reviews

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  • The greatest device I've ever owned!

    Edin of Colorado Springs, Colorado Read the full review »

  • I'm a Bailbondsman - Love my Tazer for Fugitive Recovery

    L.Faye of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia Read the full review »

  • Initially the X26C performed as advertised

    Andrew of Jackson, Mississippi Read the full review »

  • Just the presentation of the unit has deescalated many situations I have encountered

    Carson of Tallmadge, Ohio Read the full review »

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

When an X26C, M26C, or C2 CEW is used in self-defense, the CEWs may be deployed and left behind providing the Purchaser a window of opportunity to get to safety and call law enforcement. TASER International will replace the TASER X26C, M26C, or C2 CEW free of charge, with the same product or a like product, at TASER International’s option, if the Purchaser provides, within one year following the event, the following information to TASER International, 17800 North 85th Street, Scottsdale, Arizona 85255 Attn: Customer Service:

  • a copy of the official police report documenting the incident, the use of the product in self-defense, and the loss of the product;
  • proof of purchase of the product (receipt, purchase order, or invoice);
  • check or a credit authorization for the shipping and handling fees; and
  • Purchaser’s name, physical address (no P.O. Boxes allowed), and phone number of where to send the replaced item.

Purchaser is responsible for any expedited shipping or handling costs for the replacement CEW. A replacement product assumes the remaining warranty of the original product or 90-days from the date of replacement, whichever provides longer coverage to the Purchaser.

TASER International’s Lifetime Replacement Guarantee is not available or applicable: (a) on any international (Non-United States) sales or uses of TASER Citizen Products; or (b) to any Purchaser who uses the CEW for a commercial purpose.

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Wake Forest University Study

In 1,201 cases 99.75% people subjected to a TASER CEW had no significant injuries


Extensively Studied

Currently there are more than 250 major medical and scientific studies, abstracts, and reports on TASER CEW Safety


Additional Resources:

Want to learn more about the safety of TASER Conducted Electrical Weapon? Visit our Research & Safety section to learn the truth about TASER devices.


Neuro Muscular Incapacitation (NMI)

The key technology to disable even the most aggressive subjects, NMI temporarily overrides the command and control systems of the body to impair muscular control.


Shaped Pulse™ Technology

A sophisticated pulse wave that utilizes a high voltage leading edge to penetrate barriers such as clothing around the body followed by a lower voltage stimulation pulse to cause Neuro Muscular Incapacitation.


TASER Cartridge

A replaceable module that allows for the engagement of targets at ranges up to 15 feet (4.5 meters). Integrates a nitrogen propulsion system, insulated TASER wire, probes, and AFID serialization. Compatible with both the TASER M and X models.


LASER and Illuminator Integration

User configurable settings control LASER and low-intensity illumination synchronous with safety switch operation.


Anti-Felon Identification (AFID)

A system to deter misuse through enhanced accountability, AFID includes bar-coded serialization of each cartridge and disperses confetti-like ID tags upon activation.


Digital Power Magazine (DPM™) Battery Pack

Integrated power source with lithium battery cells and solid state memory module for tracking power consumption, power levels remaining, and allows for software updates to be distributed via battery replacement.


Central Information Display (CID)

Digital display that communicates battery percentage, duration remaining during pulse discharge, time, and date.


Physical Characteristics

Dimensions w/o cartridge (L x W x H) 6.0″ [15.2 cm] x 1.3 [3.3 cm] x 3.2″ [8.1 cm]
Weight 7.2 oz [204 g]
Dimensions w/ cartridge (L x W x H) 7.3″ [18.5 cm] x 1.3 [3.3 cm] x 3.2″ [8.1 cm]


Detailed Specifications

Housing High impact polymer
Operating temperature range -4 °F [-20 °C] to 122 °F [50 °C]
Operating relative humidity up to 80% (non-condensing)
Product Warranty 1 year


Available Options*

SKU Numbers Color
26009 Black
26008 Clear


Product Warranty

Sales Terms and ConditionsConsumer WarrantyConsumer Warnings

Product Comparison Chart

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C2 Basic Package C2 Gold Package M26C Package X26C Package
MSRP $299.99 $399.99 $499.99 $999.99
Energy Cycle 30 sec. 30 sec. 5 sec. 10 sec.
Repeatable Cycle
Light 1 LED 1 LED none 2 LED's
Live Cartridges
(15 Foot Range)
1 2 4 6
Training Cartridge
(15 Foot Range)
1 1 0 0
Holster Available Included Available Included
Color Clear
Target Included
Battery Type Lithium Power Magazine (LPM) Lithium Power Magazine (LPM) 8 AA Digital Power Magazine (DPM)
Batteries Included
Lifetime Replacement Guarantee*
Length 6" 6" 8.3" 7.3"
Height 2.10" 2.10" 6" 3.2"
Weight 5.36 oz 5.36 oz 19.2 oz 7.2 oz
Central Information Display
Additional Features Storage Case Includes 1 Hour of Training by Officer
More Options
  • Download Capable
  • Download Capable
  • TASER Cam® Capable
  • XDPM - Extended Grip
  • 2nd Cartridge Holder


*Full details of the replacement guarantee can be viewed under the benefits tab above

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