Highlighted Reports

Review Some of the Most Important of the 260 Studies of TASER ECDs

PERF study finds agencies with TASER ECDs have 70% fewer officer injuries and 40% fewer suspect injuries. Learn More
NIJ/DOJ study finds "ECD use is associated with a significantly lower risk of injury than physical force". Learn More
Department of Justice/Wake Forest study finds "99.75% of TASER ECD uses result no significant injuries". Learn More
American Medical Association Report finds that TASER devices can save lives when used appropriately. Learn More
ECD Study
Key finding from the largest human study of TASER ECD's to date (over 24,000 field uses analyzed). Learn More
AAEM Recommendations Summary of the current human literature on effeects after exposure to CEW electrical discharges of up to 15 seconds.
Learn More
JEM Study
Introduction of the Conducted Electrical Weapon into a Hospital Setting. Learn More