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How To Upload Videos

There are 2 ways to upload evidence to EVIDENCE.com.

  1. EVIDENCE Transfer Manager (ETM)
    This stand-alone docking unit is a stand alone system that allows you to dock your AXON Flex unit to charge and upload simultaneously.
  2. EVIDENCE Sync
    This software allows you to preview and upload videos recorded on the AXON Flex system.
    Download EVIDENCE Sync


Option 1 - EVIDENCE Transfer Manager (ETM)

  1. ETM is powered on and connected to the internet
  2. Dock AXON Flex camera into ETM puck, initial connection will show a momentary red LED on camera
    • If device is first unit docked, it will start to upload and the camera LED will blink yellow
    • If device is in queue awaiting upload, it will be solid yellow
    • If there is no communication with the camera, the LED will be off
    • If there is a firmware update or memory is full, camera LED will blink red and yellow
    • If there is an ETM or network error, all of the cameras docked in the ETM will blink red, yellow and green repeatedly
  3. Once the device is ready (all content uploaded) and fully charged, camera LED will show solid green

Note: *If an AXON Flex setting has changed in EVIDENCE.COM this will be updated while the device is docked in ETM (Orientation, Audio, Video Setting)

ETM training videos


Option 2 - EVIDENCE Sync

  1. Open online EVIDENCE SYNC
  2. Login using EVIDENCE.COM credentials
  3. Connect FLEX camera to computer using 3.5mm to USB cable*
  4. Click 'Device Videos' tab
  5. Click 'Preview' on video row and playback in order to identify desired video
  6. Click 'Upload' on row or desired video**
  7. Click 'Uploaded' videos tab
  8. See uploaded video in list
  9. Click on thumbnail to playback video

EVIDENCE Sync training videos