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I Saved a Life with TASER

Learn How Rob Pinchak saved a life with a TASER CEW

"He had a large knife, and a very aggressive attitude. I was a responding officer for a report of a domestic disturbance involving a mother and her two sons. En route to the call, I was advised that one of the sons was brandishing a knife and threatening the mother and the other son. Upon arriving I found all three subjects just behind a locked front door and observed one of the sons holding a large kitchen knife and acting aggressive toward his mother and brother. I had only one chance to disable the suspect before deadly force was used. I broke a small windowpane in the front door and deployed my ADVANCED TASER® M26 ECD. The probes struck the suspect in the leg. Of course this disabled the suspect and he was taken into custody with no resistance. My point to this story is that the TASER ECD not only saved the life of a disturbed 17-year-old boy, but quite possibly saved the mother and her other son from injury or death. Had I not had a TASER ECD, I more than likely would have been forced to fire my service weapon in order to protect the hostages. I am a huge proponent of TASER’s life saving products and their benefits and would like to thank you for developing newer and more advanced systems. At the time of this incident, we only had three ADVANCED TASER M26 ECDs that were shared by several officers. We have since upgraded to the TASER® X26 ECD and we now have a full deployment for all patrol officers. Thank you for providing a tool that allowed me to avoid taking the life of a 17-year-old boy in front of his family. TASER ECDs save lives, period."

Corporal Rob Pinchak, Princess Anne Police

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