AXON Benefits in Burnsville, MN

This film was based on Burnsville's adoption of the first generation AXON system. We decided to keep showing this video since the benefits outlined here have only increased with the introduction of the AXON Flex on-officer video system


How Burnsville PD benefits from AXON on-officer-video

Members of the Burnsville Police Department speak about their experiences with the AXON Pro on-officer video system and the cost savings it has provided for them versus mounted in car camera systems. The AXON was much more affordable compared to in-car camera systems and creating internal IT infrastructure. It also saves the department money by diminishing the number of complaints and lawsuits with a more versatile police video capture capability.

This video independently prepared by the Burnsville Police Department and was not prepared at the request of TASER INTERNATIONAL. The copyright of the preceding video belongs to the Burnsville Police Department.

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