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Our TASER Pricing Plan Guide

With the introduction of TASER 60, our latest CEW pricing plan, we wanted to provide you with an overview of some of our pricing plans and what they offer you.


Want to turn your CEW purchase into a reliable budget line item? TASER 60 is your answer.

What do you get?

With our Basic Plan ($22/month for an X26P or $26/month for an X2), you'll receive one Smart Weapon under warranty, one battery, on-site spares, a holster, and two training cartridges.

Our Premium Plan ($31/month for an X26P or $36/month for an X2) offers you the items included in the Basic Plan, plus an additional battery and two duty cartridges (for a total of four cartridges per user each subsequent year).

TASER Assurance Plan

Want technology upgrades to be built into your pricing plan? The TASER Assurance Plan (TAP) is right for you.

What do you get?

With TAP, you'll make five equal, annual payments for your deployment of Smart Weapons. After 5 years, you'll receive all new weapons at no additional cost. This 5-year upgrade cycle is important when you consider the useful life of technology.

Officer Safety Plan

Want to deploy both Smart Weapons and Axon body cameras? Then the Officer Safety Plan (OSP) is what you need.

What do you get?

With OSP, you'll receive a 5-year bundle of weapons and cameras, including unlimited storage and full warranty. Built into OSP is one Smart Weapon upgrade, two Axon camera upgrades, and the latest version of services. If you select OSP, you'll receive an effective 25% discount on your Smart Weapons program.

Standard Issue Grant Program

Planning a full deployment of weapons? The Standard Issue Grant Program will offer you extra assistance for going full deployment.

What do you get?

Our Standard Issue Grants differ based on your overall purchase. You'll receive a $350 grant per officer for every Smart Weapon or Axon camera enrolled in OSP. We offer a $150 grant per officer for every Smart Weapon or Axon camera enrolled in TAP. If you don't go with OSP or TAP, you can receive a $50 grant per officer for every Smart Weapon or Axon camera with an extended warranty.

We want you to be prepared with the most effective weapons and technology available. For more information or to start your purchase, please visit our purchasing page.

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