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The Currently Approved Instructor and User Lesson Plan is Version 20.0.
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What is the TASER® Training Academy and where is it located?

The TASER Training Academy is designed to provide training on the use of TASER brand conducted electrical weapons. Training is geared toward the special needs of law enforcement officers, medical personnel, the military, private citizens and instructor certification. Force options and decision making, tactics, medical issues, maintenance and personal safety are just a few of the topics covered in the offered courses.

Located at TASER International’s headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, the TASER Training Academy features a state-of-the-art automated classroom facility complete with 40 desks equipped with power and wireless internet access, safety mats, and the TASER Trainer Interactive Training Simulator.

What are the recommendations regarding the appropriate time for police to use a TASER® CEW and on whom?

Each agency is responsible for creating their own use of force policy and determining how TASER devices fit into their use of force policy based on legal and community standards.

Where can I locate updated Training Bulletins, notifications and other materials?

The current version and all training bulletins will be listed under the Resources section of the Training page. You may also contact with any questions.

How do I send products to TASER International for repairs?

Complete an RMA (Return Materials Authorization) via our support site. Follow the online instructions. When finished TASER International will email you a confirmation (RMA number). This is your reference number for your products. You may return an unlimited number of products with this one reference number. PLEASE COMPLETE THE RMA ACCURATELY AND COMPLETELY, including contact person, mailing address and best phone number to contact you. If information is left out, there could be a delay in returning/replacing the product.

How long are Master Instructor, Instructor, and User certifications good for?

Master instructor certification is valid for 2 years. To re-certify, you must attend the Master Instructor School in its entirety. The Master Instructor School is usually offered twice a year.

Instructor certification is valid for 2 years.

TASER recommends that end users re-certify annually. Annual re-certification consists of firing at least two live cartridges in addition to any departmental mandated training, and reviewing the TASER annual user update, product warnings, and current training bulletins.

I just completed certifying my officers as users. What documents does TASER International need for their records?

TASER International no longer requires any documentation from your User courses. Please keep all documents on file at your agency.

My 2 years is almost up on my Instructor certification, what do I do to re-certify?

You must register for one of the Instructor classes listed on the Training page of our website. Please log into your TASER account to access the schedule and register. You will then be able to view the schedule and register online.

Once enrolled, you will receive an email confirmation. Online training will open three weeks before the practical days and close four days before the practical session is to begin. You MUST complete each section at 100% in order to be admitted to the in-classroom practical session of the training. You can complete the online course in sections, stopping and picking it up later if necessary. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact TASER Training at

My agency does not have TASER devices yet. Can I attend a course if my agency has not purchased any TASER devices?

Absolutely! We do not require that your agency already have them before the Instructor Course is attended. It is a great idea to have someone already certified so that when your agency does purchase them, you have an instructor ready to train the officers at your agency.

Do I have to be exposed to the TASER device in order to receive my instructor certification?

No. Exposure during the Instructor Course is not required, it is voluntary. TASER International also does not require officers to be exposed to a TASER device to be certified as a user.

What security companies are approved to provide private security end-user training?

The following companies are licensed by TASER to conduct private security end-user training:

  • Bail Guard (New York)
  • Clear Risk Solutions (Washington)
  • Jamark Training Academy (Oklahoma)
  • Soldiers Security Protection (Colorado)
  • KPP Security DBA S2 Safety and Intelligence Institute (Florida)
  • SC Private Security (South Carolina)
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