Law Enforcement

TASER Smart Weapons protect lives and safeguard the community. Our line of TASER Smart Weapons for law enforcement help police officers and deputies act with confidence in the field. They save lives and reduce injuries to police officers and suspects, all while recording events with advanced firing logs so you have additional data points to justify decisions made in the field.

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Axon's Self-Defense Smart Weapon options allow you to protect yourself from harm, giving you time to incapacitate an attacker and escape from a dangerous situation. Built from the same less-lethal, powerful technology as our law enforcement weapons, our civilian line is an easy-to-use and effective self-defense tool.

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Smart Weapons

When we built the TASER Smart Weapon, our engineers had three thoughts in mind: safety, accountability, and performance. Unlike their predecessors, our Smart Weapons are built on an all-digital platform. They have the ability to regulate charge output, perform health checks, update firmware over the web, and provide analytics displaying how and when someone uses the weapon.

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